“There’s always one who loves and one who lets himself be loved” – W. Somerset Maugham (Of Human Bondage)

As an actor you are forced to think about things you want to forget. on the rocks has allowed me to analyze myself, my relationships, and myself in my relationships. I can only hope you do the same. Try it drunk. That will end well. on the rocks has also forced me to prepare for Greg by diving into a world of booze and women in New York City. It’s all for my art, really. I’m a giver…ladies.

I moved to New York City to study at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theater. (I also really wanted to pay a ridiculous amount for rent every month.) Originally from outside of Philadelphia, I’ve also studied at the Wilma Theater and performed all over the Tri-State area. When I’m feeling pretentious I like to say Philadelphia made me, but I hope to make myself in New York.

Some theater credits include George in Dinner for 4 (Phare Play Productions, NYC), Miles in The Drawer Boy (Montgomery Theater), Billy in Streamers (HATG Theater Productions), Verges in Much Ado About Nothing (Delaware Shakespeare Festival), Harold in Speak Now (Azuka Theater Collective), Mark Delong in Horoscope War (Theater One Percent), and Christopher Mahon in Playboy of the Western World (Neumann College). I’ve also appeared in multiple independent movies and student films at schools in the NYC area including The New York Film Academy. I’m currently studying with Terry Schreiber at T.Schreiber Studio in New York City.

This show has come a long way to San Francisco and I’m “hella” excited to be here…ladies. Thank you for having me…I promise not to break anything. I have to thank Dina, Craig, John, Rachel and our whole crew for everything. We’re family. I love my dad and my sister and I think about my mom everyday. For mom, as always. In relation to the show, Friedrich Nietzshe once said, “There is always some madness in love. But there is also always reason in madness.” He had a mustache…ladies.


The purpose of this brief introduction, my friend, is to share with you a simple, yet profound truth: My bio is much better than Sean Gallagher’s.

A Letter to the Good Citizens of San Francisco:
I must make a confession, ladies (and gentlemen, Mr. Gallagher). In Miss Laura’s and Miss Radhakrishnan’s fantastic on the rocks, I play everyone’s favorite lawyer and San Francisco native, David. That’s not the confession. The confession is that I have never once in my life ever seen San Francisco, and my general interest in the place had never (until now) extended much beyond my eternal admiration for the film, So I Married An Axe Murderer... Mostly, those tables have turned. San Francisco, I must admit, has revealed itself to be a pretty interesting and happening place—though I’m still not comfortable with the whole “cable car” phenomenon.

I feel I may have misled you somewhat, however. I do actually have a minor connection with San Francisco. It’s a case of rather divinely inspired irony. Although I am not an actual lawyer, I did once take the torturously long LSAT exam—during which I literally pulled my neck— and considered sacrificing my artistic aspirations for a life of financial independence (who needs that?). What school offered me a full ride boys and girls? That’s right, San Francisco Law School! Here’s that irony I promised you: I gave up being a lawyer from San Francisco, in order to “pretend” to be a lawyer from San Francisco. I am the living proof that God has a wicked sense of humor.

The Obligatory “Bio”:
John Olson holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Psychology and Brain Sciences, and Theatre and Drama from Indiana University. He is also a graduate of the William Esper Acting Conservatory in Manhattan, and a working member of the Broadway Musical Theatre Academy (Bway MTA). His most recent work includes Medea (NYC), Singing Liberty (NYC), A Chorus Line, and Smoke on the Mountain. Sadly, though nevertheless true, he is most remembered for his role in Maceth at the Ruth N. Halls Theatre. He played the “Old Man” and “Messenger #3” (as the Old Man). John is Aquarius, and single. He would like to thank the brilliantly talented cast and crew. He would also like to thank Sean Gallagher.


"Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.” – Oscar Wilde

I’m not sure I have any profound truths, like John Olson. I’m not even sure that my bio is better than Sean Gallagher’s. What I DO know, however, is that Oscar Wilde kicks ass!

As for life imitating art or vice versa, it’s hard to know at times where truth ends and imagination begins. Writing as well as performing on the rocks has taught me about finding balance in my life and my art. I’ve learned that truth and imagination can co-exist and are both essential to being a good artist, and more importantly, a good person.

But enough analyzing! In terms of performing, favorite musical theater roles have included Lucy in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Dina in Schoolhouse Rock Live!, and Angel City Four in City of Angels. In New York City I’ve played Alice in Pizza Man, Hattie in Laundry & Bourbon as well as roles in original productions such as Sarah in Eighty-Three Years, Rina in Jacob and Sarah and Crystal in Somewhere in Texas. I studied Meisner technique for over four years at the Matthew Corozine Studio in New York City.

With regards to my vitals, I am a Capricorn who lives on NYC’s Lower East Side with a jazz musician, a writer and two furry cats. Once upon a time I majored in Accounting at the University of Delaware. In the more recent past, I had a way cooler job as a publicist for rock bands like Marwood and Spiraling, where I learned that VH1’s Behind The Music wasn’t as far fetched as I thought.

I was raised by two feisty New Yorkers who were born in the South Bronx and ultimately taught there. Have I mentioned I was blessed with an overprotective, neurotic Jewish mother? It wasn’t always pretty, but didn’t Friedrich Nietzche say, “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger?” When I was a kid, watching my dad inspire his students in the classroom left me with a desire to teach (and learn). on the rocks has taken me on a journey to places I never expected and taught me about who I am and the kind of person I want to be. Through my writing, I hope I can inspire people the way my dad did.

I love you mom and dad—none of this would be possible without you!


“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter.” - Dr. Seuss

I grew up in Denton, Texas, which used to be small enough that you could spit across the highway. Recently the Times named it “The new Austin,” which admittedly, irks me a bit because I take pride in bein’ a small town woman (mostly when I’ve been drinking whiskey & don’t feel like covering my accent). At 17, I left to pursue my education in Musical Theatre at The Boston Conservatory. After two years of being debilitated by one too many snowstorms, my desire to be a New Yorker was no longer controllable.

In 2005 I packed up my stiletto collection, shelves of geeky novels/librettos, & my cat, Gwen, to continue my studies at Circle In The Square Theatre School. “A New Yorker can be born anywhere. It just takes some of us longer to find our way home.” Before I had time to notice, dry wine, espresso and Woody Allen had weaseled their ways into my lil’ southern heart. But I carry the arts in my heart everywhere I go and have been lucky enough to be: Madame Ranyevskaya in The Cherry Orchard (Circle In The Square PW), Joe/Christine in you, me & tea (Off Broadway Theater), Mrs. Wallace in A Little Bird Told Me (The Producer’s Club), & The Witch in Into The Woods (Expressions Rep), among others.

In keeping with Mia in on the rocks, dating in New York has (in my semi-humble opinion) proven itself to be some sort of ridiculous second job, rather than a fun way to meet cool people. I’m still the eternal optimist/romantic I’ve always been (and hope most of you are as well), and when I wasn’t paying attention realism just snuck in & cozied up next to me. As one of my very good friends says, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” So I took my heart off my sleeve & reconnected it to my circulatory system where it belongs. It’s been a real blessing in the long run, because I’ve been fortunate enough to find a handful of beautiful, lifelong friends. With that in mind, I thank my family and friends as always, for their endless understanding & support. I love y’all more than you know! “Namaste.”


Eric grew up in a place where “The City” did not mean New York at all, but San Francisco. He is proud to be the sole member of the on the rocks family that actually comes from the Bay Area! Hailing from Fremont (which to East Coasters he describes merely as the end of the BART train) he began his studies in Literature at Santa Barbara City College, and then transferred to Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts in Greenwich Village to study Creative Writing with an emphasis in Poetry and Playwriting. He has been published in Release an annual poetry review of The New School’s, and is Co-Editor of What The Peach a bi-weekly undergraduate journal of words about things. Although he has performed, read, directed, sang, and saxophoned in the bay, Santa Barbara, and New York, his true loves are office products, committees, and sleeping. He is now the proud author of three plays, none of which have been produced professionally. However! Dina Laura and Craig Ricks are brilliant and he is grateful towards them for having created a production which he has loved working on for the last year, but more for having been some of the first people to make him feel at home in New York. That being said, he can’t wait to move back to California


Clara joined Hamilton Ink in 2005, bringing a diverse knowledge of media, production, and cultural sensitivity to the team. Born in El Salvador and raised in Petaluma, CA, Clara is bilingual in both English and Spanish which is an asset for the company’s relations with Latino and Hispanic media. After graduating from San Marcos State University with a B.A. in Visual and Performing Arts, Clara worked in television production in Los Angeles for well known networks such as E!, NBC, and FOX. Her repertoire includes working on a variety of reality-based TV shows such as The Anna Nicole Show, The Apprentice, and Nanny 911. As a Production Manager for both San Francisco Independent Cinema and White Light Studios, Clara executed a wide range of duties including overseeing SAG contract relations, hiring of crew, on-location work, and maintaining production budget and schedule. This diverse background has Clara tapped into current pop culture trends and has helped develop her eye for captivating message framing.



Andrea tends to be a glass half full kinda gal; even when the glass is empty. She grew up a country girl in the heart of a Christmas tree farm in Upstate New York. An obsessive animal lover who has two cats and two dogs, she somehow managed to wind up with five rabbits too! Andrea works as a nutritionist, having worked with the Amish for several years in Ohio. She now resides in New York City, with plans to do some dabbling in acting and writing. Having done some plays and small films, Andrea's future plans consist of continuing what she has already started and possibly going back to school.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman, regardless of fortune, must be in want of a husband—or at least a boyfriend.

In the kill or be killed dating scene of New York City, it certainly seemed that way. However I can’t complain too much because it led to the creation of on the rocks and me finding Dina. After a nomadic existence that included living in Zambia, Toronto and Ithaca, I never expected to settle in Manhattan and work on Wall Street. As a naïve 21 year old moving to NYC for the first time, I instantly fell in love…with The City (I always capitalized that way). It certainly wasn’t what I had planned when I started at Cornell. A month into my biology major as I found dissected mudpuppy eggs in my notebook, I knew I needed a less messy major. Four years later, I graduated with a Computer Science degree and an appreciation for fine wine.

Currently I am a San Francisco transplant, working for everyone’s favorite search engine. While Tony Bennett might have left his heart in San Francisco, my coastal tendencies lean the other way.

I’d just like to remind everyone that you need faith for the same reasons it’s so hard to find.

Thank you to my friends and family—you drove me crazy and let me drive you crazy in return. I couldn’t have asked for more.


Throughout a blessed 22-year professional career, Mr. Ricks has worked an array of random jobs in theatre from bathroom attendant to starring on Broadway. Broadway was more rewarding!

While growing up and attending the University of Oklahoma in the heart of the Bible belt, Craig completed a Degree in Musical Theatre and Literature. Many years later he returned to be a professor at this esteemed university. He made his theatrical debut as Ugly husband #3 in Li’l Abner—his mom was proud!

Moving to NYC with $500 dollars in his pocket, Craig was cast in regional theatre for a few years at theaters including Casa Mañana, North Shore Music Theatre, Pittsburg CLO, TUTS and Kansas City Starlight. After leaving the business for a year, he randomly auditioned for Lincoln Center’s Carousel and was cast in the chorus and then stepped into the role of Mr. Snow on tour. Needing a change after 18 months, Craig was cast as Gordon in Rent but chose to do the national tour of Cats as Gus/Growltiger instead.

From that time on the random performance jobs continued… chorus/standby/understudy for numerous Broadway shows, featured many times in “Law and Order” and “Sex in the City,” as well as a three time featured vocalist at the White House. Craig is also the Director, Stage Manager and founder of Bway MTA (Broadway Musical Theatre Academy). on the rocks and this cast hold a special place in his heart. Craig is single, so thanks no one for this production! Ok, maybe Dina!


Steven Schukei spent his formative years growing up in locations all over this great country; from the cows and cornfields of Nebraska, to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and the red clay oil fields of Oklahoma, to the sandy beaches of South Carolina. He attended Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. Although only God fully knows how a white farm boy from Nebraska found his way to study at and become the Student Body Vice-President at one of the nation’s preeminent HBCU's (Historically Black College or University), if any single females are interested in hearing the story, he will try to be accommodating. Apart from a year spent abroad living in London, since college he has called the New York area home. Steven works as a Vice President in Technology at Goldman Sachs, and enjoys spending time with his friends and serving on the board of a number of non-profit organizations. Steven is extremely excited to be coming to San Francisco and would like to thank his dear friends Dina and Mina for the wonderful opportunity to be part of on the rocks.


Adam is happy to be back with on the rocks, having been the Lighting Designer for the last two productions. A singer and tap dancer, Adam has starred in productions such as Fiddler on the Roof, Annie, Guys and Dolls, Bye Bye Birdie, Christmas Carol and The Nutcracker. Adam is a graduate of the New York Film Academy, directing and producing the films L'intervista and Unlucky (silent film). He also wrote and directed the short film Endlessly and the documentary Smokers: The Dying Breed. Adam is currently pursuing a career in cinematography “so you don’t have to.”


Breht A. Boone was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. At the age of nine he moved with his mother to St. Thomas V.I., where he attended private school and began his quest for experiencing the arts in all forms. His introduction came by reading and collecting comics, through which he developed an admiration for the artists’ and writers’ creative skills. An avid moviegoer, Breht also learned the exquisite enjoyment of the craft of cinema from his father and uncle. After graduating from high school he started his formal arts education by initially attending the Joe Kubert School for Cartooning and Graphic Design and later Brookdale Community College. Along the way Breht interned at a Pulitzer Prize award winning newspaper and also published his poetry and artwork. He has acted in various plays as well as teched, directed and assistant directed before directing his own one act. Currently residing back in New York, Breht is once again sharing his love of the arts as a freelance artist while working on his own screenplays, set of artworks, and first novel which he hopes to bring him great fame and fortune as well as enrichment to the lives of others. God bless and may all dreams come true for you as I see them beginning for me.